Best Of’s – Players To Be Named Later

David Ortiz

As Crash Davis said, “I’m the player to be named later”.  For those who don’t know what that means, it’s when a baseball trade occurs, but the final pieces of the deal are not finalized until a later date… that is where the “player to be named later” comes into play.  This is common for […]

2020 MLB Predictions – Playoff Picture and Award Winners

2020 MLB Predictions – Playoff Picture and Award Winners

With Opening Day originally scheduled to be this week…let’s just pretend for a while that baseball is almost here.  Hey, we can dream, right? For in-depth analysis on each Division, check out my Preview and Predictions articles (links below).  In this article, I will be predicting the Playoff picture, as well as all the Award […]

2020 MLB Preview and Predictions – National League West

2020 National League West Preview

The Dodgers ran away with the Division last season, which they have done the last 7 consecutive seasons.  Is there any reason to think they won’t do it again?  Arizona looks like they got better, but the others?  It does not appear to.  So what does this upcoming season look like for each team?  Let’s […]

2020 MLB Preview and Predictions – American League West

2020 American League West Preview

On paper, the American League West was the best Division in baseball last year, with 422 wins.  Which is odd because they had only 2 teams above .500. But Houston had the most wins in baseball, so it makes sense.  Speaking of the Astros, what’s your projection for their 2020?!  Should be interesting to watch.  […]

2020 MLB Preview and Predictions – National League Central

2020 National League Central Preview

Despite having the worst record of all Divisions in the National League last season, the Central nearly sent 3 teams to the Playoffs.  Outside of the Brewers, there was not a lot of player movement this offseason, meaning 2020 could look a lot like 2019, right?  I don’t believe so.  I actually believe only the […]