MLB Postseason Preview

2019 MLB Postseason

In my opinion, October is the best sports month of the year.  The NFL is in full swing, college football is entering its Conference schedule, the NBA is starting up.  Hell, even the NHL starts.  But what makes this month the best…October Baseball!   This season more than any in history, you had your have’s, […]

NFL Week 4 Predictions


Last week – 7-8 against the spreadSeason total – 18-12 against the spread Titans @ Falcons (Falcons -4) After blowing the Browns out in Week 1, the Titans have scored 24 points their last 2 games combined.  Marcus Mariota does have 706 yards passing and no INTs, but 304 of those yards were in that […]

Should Athletes Really Be Considered Role Models?

Charles Barkley

  Back in 1993, Charles Barkley (in)famously said “I’m not a role model. Just because I dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids.”   At the time, that was a very controversial statement, and Barkley took a lot of heat for it.  With the way social media runs with everything these days, […]

NFL Week 3 Predictions


Last week – 11-4 against the spread Broncos @ Packers (Packers -7.5) The Packers offense has the 4th highest total yardage in the NFL this year, and their defense has given up the 2nd most points this year.  Sounds normal.  Wait, it’s the opposite of that?!?!  The Packers?!?!  Yes, the 2019 Packers offense ranks 29th […]

1st Round Quarterbacks: For Every Peyton Manning, There Is A Ryan Leaf

Peyton Manning, Ryan Leaf

  You know John Elway, Dan Marino, and Troy Aikman, right?  Of course you do.  But I bet you know JaMarcus Russell, Jeff George, and Todd Marinovich too.  They have one thing in common – They were Quarterbacks drafted in the 1st Round.  That’s about it.   In earlier articles I have written about the […]

NFL Week 2 Predictions


(Packers -2.5) The Packers have not beaten the Vikings since the 2016 season, and Aaron Rodgers has struggled against them since Anthony Barr shortened his 2017 season.  For this week, I think we know what we are getting with Minnesota…very solid offense, very good defense.  The Packers have 2 question marks…is their defense as good […]

Best Of’s – Journeyman Quarterbacks

Ryan Fitzpatrick

  Ryan Fitzpatrick started for the Dolphins this past Sunday.  The Dolphins were the 7th team he has started a game for.  7th!  That got me thinking, where does he rank among the best journeymen Quarterbacks of all-time?  Let’s find out, shall we? Honorable MentionsNone of these guys had all that great of careers.  Check […]