2020 MLB Preview and Predictions – American League Central

2020 American League Central Preview

Of all the Divisions in MLB last season, this was the most unbalanced.  Minnesota and Cleveland won 101 and 93 games respectively….Chicago was 17 games under .500, and Kansas City and Detroit both lost over 100 games.  In terms of total records, by far the worst Division in baseball in 2019.  So what does this […]

2020 MLB Preview and Predictions – National League East

2020 National League East Preview

In 2019, this Division featured the 2nd best team in the National League as well as the World Series winner, and was the only Division to have 4 teams at .500 or better.  Most balanced Division in baseball.  Aside from the Marlins, this Division had a lot of offseason player movement.  Did it make them […]

2020 MLB Preview and Predictions – American League East

2020 American League East Preview

In 2019, this Division featured the 2nd best team in the American League, and the 2nd worst team in the American League.  The outlook for 2020 looks to be about the same, top to bottom.  As much movement as we are used to seeing (mostly the Yankees and Red Sox), it was actually a relatively […]

The Astros Cheating Scandal – Who Got Screwed The Hardest?

Jose Altuve

There were many winners in this Astros cheating scandal.  Check that, there really weren’t any.  Including the Astros. Somehow, there were very few actual punishments doled out from this.  Astros GM Jeff Luhnow and Manager A. J. Hinch were suspended for the entire 2020 season.  The Astros franchise was fined $5 million and forfeited their […]

Best Of’s – Baseball’s Mount Rushmore For Each Position

Baseball Players

I recently wrote an article for each State’s Mount Rushmore for the 21st Century.  It sparked a lot of reaction and intelligent debate, which is the goal of any article.  And I’ll be honest, it was fun to compile. So, with baseball starting soon, I decided to compile another Mount Rushmore.  This Mount Rushmore covers […]