Best Of’s – Sports Calls

Miracle On Ice

There are times when the announcer’s call of a play is just as famous as the play itself.  Sometimes, the call is a large reason why the play is so famous.  And there are even times where the call is so historic, it’s the only reason we remember the play.  So, what are the best […]

The Astros Cheating Scandal – Who Got Screwed The Hardest?

Jose Altuve

There were many winners in this Astros cheating scandal.  Check that, there really weren’t any.  Including the Astros. Somehow, there were very few actual punishments doled out from this.  Astros GM Jeff Luhnow and Manager A. J. Hinch were suspended for the entire 2020 season.  The Astros franchise was fined $5 million and forfeited their […]

Best Of’s – Most Unceremonious Coaching Exits

Joe Paterno

When you think of a coach that has a long, successful run with a team, you expect their exit to be a glorious, walk off into the sunset, right?  That’s not always the case though.  Sometimes their departure is outside of their control, and sometimes it’s their own damn fault.  Either way, a final victory […]

Best Of’s – Movie Coaches

Jimmy Dugan

  Making a Best Of’s list can tricky.  When doing players, games, coaches, etc, often times there is data or stats to back up my claim.  When doing movie coaches, you don’t have that luxury.  It’s very subjective. So what makes a movie coach great?  A great acting job?  A comedic performance?  A great coaching […]

Hail To The Chiefs – Destined For A Dynasty? Don’t Be So Sure.

Patrick Mahomes & Russell Wilson

The Kansas City Chiefs just won the Super Bowl.  Led by young phenom Patrick Mahomes, it’s reasonable to think this is the 1st of many, right?  Seems logical.  Their fans, the media, the “experts” all think they will be back multiple times over the next 5-10 years.  How couldn’t they? There are plenty of reasons […]