Head Injuries, And The Impending Fall Of Football

Davante Adams

  There is no way football, specifically the NFL, won’t be the biggest sport in America the rest of our lifetimes, right?  Per Gallup polling, football overtook baseball as the most popular sport in the U.S.A. in 1972, and has been #1 ever since.  And not only has it been #1 for almost a half […]

The Forgotten Post-Season Home Runs

Rajai Davis

  Everyone remembers the historic post-season Home Runs.  The game-tying ones, the game-winners, and even the series clinchers.  We have seen highlights of them our entire lifetime.  Mazeroski’s & Carter’s World Series winners, Gibson’s walk-off against Eck, Kirby’s “We’ll see you tomorrow night” blast.  The list goes on.  Those have been engrained into our memories.  […]

Best Of’s – NBA Big 3’s

Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman

  As you look around the NBA these days, you see every team vying for a Championship has a “Big 3”.  The term has only been widely used for about a decade, but the concept has been around forever.  Even before the players dictated their movement like they do now, teams had their own Big […]

Best Of’s – World Series

Kirby Puckett

  What makes a World Series great?  Is it a series of close games, a big comeback, a dominant individual performance, a play for the ages?  Sometimes just one of those can make a World Series memorable, but some combine all of these, and become truly historic.  Here are the 5 best World Series in […]

Quarterbacks: Pay Them Well, But Not Too Well

Kirk Cousins

  Quarterback is the most important position in sports.  I am not exactly going out on a limb by saying that.  Sure, you could argue a Point Guard in basketball or a Pitcher in baseball, and you may have some points.  But the answer is still the Quarterback.  If you have a great one, you […]

Can You Win A Super Bowl With A Diva Wide Receiver?

Odell Beckham

  We have seen our fair share of “Diva” Wide Receivers in the NFL.  You know the type.  Always complaining, very temperamental, impossible to please.  Often times their talents are extraordinarily high, but after a period of time, they can be barely worth the headache.   So I ask, can you win a Super Bowl […]

Big Money: Are Baseball Players Worth It?

Baseball Money

  Baseball players have always made a lot of money.  That’s not a new thing.  Even back in the day, their salaries were significantly higher than ours.  But nothing like it is now.  So my question is, are they worth it?   Baseball has been around forever.  Just to give us an idea of about […]