Best Of’s – Football’s Mount Rushmore For Each Position

NFL Mount Rushmore

A while back I wrote an article for each State’s Mount Rushmore for the 21st Century.  It sparked a lot of reaction and intelligent debate, which is the goal of any article.  And I’ll be honest, it was fun to compile. So, with the NFL season (hopefully) just around the corner, I decided to compile […]

The Season That Sports Stood Still…Where Do We Go From Here?

Empty Baseball Stadium

I initially named this article “The Week That Sports Stood Still…”.  Then I thought about doing “The Month…”.  Now, I don’t even know what to call it.  “The Season…”?  We’ll go with that. In the history of this country, we have never seen anything like this.  And sad to say, I think it’s going to […]

NFL Week 6 Predictions

NFL Money

So last week I decided to change my approach with these picks, and did it in a very systematic way.  All home, all road, all favorite, all underdog.  We will add more criteria down the road, but simple for now.  Here are the game results from Week 5: It was a very non-descript week, as […]

NFL Week 5 Predictions – New Approach

NFL Money

Last week – 4-10 against the spread Season total – 22-22 against the spread Tell me, what is your strategy when you pick football games?  Do you pick all the favorites?  Do you pick all home teams?  Do you pick the teams with the better record?  Do you pick away teams when they are given 3 […]