The Season That Sports Stood Still…Where Do We Go From Here?

Empty Baseball Stadium

I initially named this article “The Week That Sports Stood Still…”.  Then I thought about doing “The Month…”.  Now, I don’t even know what to call it.  “The Season…”?  We’ll go with that. In the history of this country, we have never seen anything like this.  And sad to say, I think it’s going to […]

2020 March Madness…Nobody Wins, Everyone Loses

2020 March Madness

2020 March Madness…Nobody Wins, Everyone Loses As you know, the NCAA has canceled the Basketball Tournament this year.  Not postponed, but canceled.  March Sadness. I am not trying to make light of this situation, as I know it is a serious topic.  That said, I firmly believe this is getting blown way out of proportion.  […]

One Month Left In The NBA Season – What We Need To Know

Empty NBA Arena

Well, I had planned on publishing this article on Monday, which would have been exactly 1 month before the NBA regular season ended.  In light of the NBA announcing last night that the season has been suspended until further notice…I am not sure when there will be 1 month remaining! So, I guess the time […]