Best Of’s – Players To Be Named Later

David Ortiz

As Crash Davis said, “I’m the player to be named later”.  For those who don’t know what that means, it’s when a baseball trade occurs, but the final pieces of the deal are not finalized until a later date… that is where the “player to be named later” comes into play.  This is common for […]

Best Of’s – Most Unceremonious Coaching Exits

Joe Paterno

When you think of a coach that has a long, successful run with a team, you expect their exit to be a glorious, walk off into the sunset, right?  That’s not always the case though.  Sometimes their departure is outside of their control, and sometimes it’s their own damn fault.  Either way, a final victory […]

Best Of’s – Movie Coaches

Jimmy Dugan

  Making a Best Of’s list can tricky.  When doing players, games, coaches, etc, often times there is data or stats to back up my claim.  When doing movie coaches, you don’t have that luxury.  It’s very subjective. So what makes a movie coach great?  A great acting job?  A comedic performance?  A great coaching […]

Best Of’s – Postseason Pitchers

Justin Verlander

It’s Game 7 of the World Series.  You’re one win away from a Championship.  So I ask you, who do you want on the mound?  It should be one of these guys. Honorable Mention – Justin Verlander Overall, Justin Verlander has been a very good Postseason pitcher, compiling a 13-7 record with a 3.19 ERA.  […]