Prove It To Me – 9 NFL Players With A Lot To Prove In 2019

  Coming into the 2019 season, as like any other season, almost all players still have something to prove.  With the exception of a few of the elite, everyone has to prove their worth.  Whether it be playing for a new contract, justifying a recently signed contract, showing they still belong in the NFL, or […]

2019 NFL Predictions


  The 2019 season is finally here!!!  Kickoff is in about 3 hours, so, time for some predictions.  As always, each and every one of these predictions are 1 injury away from being thrown directly into the toilet. AFC East With the Miami Dolphins being in clear rebuild mode, seems very odd they would name […]

This September In The MLB – What We Need To Know


  With 4 weeks left in the MLB season, the Playoff picture is starting to take shape…sort of.  Half the Divisions are close to being wrapped up, but the other half, even more so the Wild Card spots, are wide open.  Here is what we have to look forward to the next month of baseball. […]